Feeling Stifled?

Wearing a regular face mask every day gets tiring after awhile. Worrying about protection, the fit, reusability, sustainability and the fact that you just can’t read anyone’s expressions just makes everything feel like a drag.

What If You Could Have it All?

AIRUFLO masks give you all the benefits of a reusable face mask whilst allowing you to have the full range of human interaction.

Making Design Into Reality

We wanted to create something that could be used by everyone, everyday, which didn’t have to be thrown away yet still allowed the user to communicate with others freely.

Introducing AIRUFLO

A transparent, reusable modular face mask that offers superior protection and comfort whilst maintaining a sense of style and fun.  

Made of hypoallergenic food-grade silicone rubber, and using N95 filters, this is the mask you can take everywhere.

AIRUFLO is FDA registered (10079775), MDA registered (GA2569221-73770), and tested for BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) ≥99.7% and PFE (particle filtration efficiency) ≥98.8% by SGS.

airuflo mask turqoise


Adaptable & Comfortable

Safe to Use


Sturdy Construction

Adequate Protection


Modular Design

Good Aesthetics

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